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Running a bar or restaurant these days takes your full focus, concentration, and commitment. You need to manage and juggle multiple responsibilities at once, including inventory and product control.

And managing your bar inventory is crucial to the success of your business. Taking daily inventory ensures that you have enough alcohol for each shift and helps you track your financial performance by providing information to calculate which items sell and which don’t. Good inventory management can provide you with detailed reports that outline your daily and weekly costs, profits, and losses so you can adjust your inventory and the way you order.

Ready? Let’s go.

Stock Counting Simplified

At the end of every shift, taking inventory lets you know how much product was used and sold and if you have enough at the front of house for the next shift. Using a bar inventory app reduces errors that happen when inventory is done by hand.

Stock Levels Digitized

Using an inventory app reduces labour costs. With manual inventory, you typically need to pay one or more employees to take inventory for you. Over a period of time, this can add up to substantial labour costs. 

Stock Wastages Halted

Doing manual inventory takes up valuable time that you don’t have. Being able to do inventory on your smartphone or tablet means that inventory counts are automatically entered into the inventory management software for you.

Stock Control Centralized

Our inventory apps allow you to manage and track your liquor in real-time. This means that you can quickly access your smartphone and use it in the counting process to not only speed this up but also to increase accuracy.


We are in partnership with Ideal Point Of Sale and are able to offer an integrated POS system with a complete back office system




A simple online app, Kounter has an easy-to-use dashboard that makes taking inventory fast and easy. Using any mobile device, you’ll be able to take inventory, assists you to analyze your profits, and determine your correct costs and selling price for each bottle you have in stock.