Better inventory decisions
come from better data.

Kounter ensures your stock take is accurate and you always know what's going on in your establishment. This gives you actionable insights that help your bar become more profitable.

How Kounter works

If you are managing a restaurant or a bar, alcohol is one of your biggest revenue generators and should be your biggest profit generator.

If you're not measuring stock, then you're not setting yourself up for success. Bars and restaurants are losing up to 20% of their bottom line due to over pouring, spillage and theft.

Kounter helps reduce that number and puts money back into your pocket. Taking inventory sucks, it's long tedious and painful it can take hours upon hours.

Kounter streamlines that process and what would otherwise take hours now takes minutes. Kounter is really simple to use.

Try these 3 easy steps.

Step one download the counter app from the Android or Apple App stores and start performing inventory by scanning your bottles.

Step two: By placing the bottles on the Bluetooth scale and scanning them you will get accurate inventory results .

Step three: Our Bluetooth scale connects directly to the Kounter app.

To get your hands on Kounter and our integrated Bluetooth scale, please contact us today.

Why choose KOUNTER for bar and restaurant inventory management?

Our team has spent years working with restaurant and bar owners like yourself. We understand how painful inventory management can be and how daunting using pen & paper, Excel, or apps that just don’t work is. That’s why we’ve created solutions to combat these problems.

With our software, you’ll never have to sort through alphabetical lists, use the “eye-ball” method, or input data into Excel sheets again. You can forget about exporting sales reports from your POS manually and trying to compare that to your consumption reports.

We stand out from our competitors by offering the most unique features. KOUNTER is not just a bar inventory app, but a complete bar manager app. You can use it to do almost anything from weighing your bottles on our liquor inventory scale to colating and controling inventory in multiple locations.

  • The KOUNTER advantage 

    • Includes a database of bottles to choose from

    • Uses an app based barcode scanner to pull data from any bottle

    • Offers support for your convenience

    • Works in offline mode from any device

    • Comes with Bluetooth scale integration

    • Simply the most affordable solution

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